Worry Dolls


This "Worry Doll" is part of the culture and tradition of Guatemala. Formerly it was used with children to prevent them from having night fears, but today it is so widespread that it is used for everyone.

The Mayan legend says:

"If you tell your fears or worries to the doll before you go to sleep and then put it under your pillow, the next day they will be gone"

We want to know if it works!! We have different testimonials, so let us know all your stories related to the dolls.

Like all our products, these dolls have been made by communities of women and men in Guatemala in an ethical and sustainable way and respecting fair trade standards. 

The pack includes:

  • Worry doll - 7cm -, made of typical Guatemalan fabrics.
  • Small cute bag.
  • Brief legend where the story is told.

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