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This floor cushion has been handmade with a piece of Huipil (indigenous blouse) from the Chichicastenango people, Guatemala. It is made on a backstrap loom and it takes approximately 3 months to finish a Huipil. Each cushion is unique and unrepeatable, they are full of ancestral Mayan symbols that will fill your home with life and give it a touch of personality and originality, dressing it with history and tradition. 

The central figure of the indigenous blouse represents a sun, one of the most important elements of nature for the Mayas. It is intentionally embroidered because the head is introduced through this part so that the sun surrounds the main part of the body for the Mayas.

  • 90x87 cm.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Washable. 
  • Side zipper for easy washing.
  • Back made with cotton fabric in black. 
  • Macramé and external tassels braided by hand in cotton thread.
  • Cushion padding included.

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