NOTE: This bag only includes leather straps, not embroidered straps.


    Differences between Mini and Original sizes

    Choose the size of bag that best suits your needs. In this link you can see a comparison between the two sizes available. 

    Dimensions: W x H x D

    • ORIGINAL: 43cm x 29cm x 14cm
    • MINI: 34cm x 23cm x 10cm

    Mini Original

    Mini Original

    What does it include?
    • Leather backpack straps(corresponding to those shown in the first picture).
    • A leather strap allows you to use it as a shoulder bag.

    This backpack-bag preserves the careful work carried out by Spanish leather craftsmen, making this bag an exclusive and unrepeatable piece.

    The versatility of this bag allows you to use it in different positions:

    • As a backpack.
    • As a shoulder bag, a leather strap is included in your bag that you can use whenever you want.
    • As a handbag or shoulder bag, thanks to the central handles that allow you to carry it in its lighter version.

    Discover the embroidered straps and adaptors to make the most of your your bag.

    • Cotton lining.
    • Top zipper and metal clasp in old gold color.
    • Inside pockets on both sides, one of them with zipper.
    • Exterior pockets: two leather side pockets, a central one and a zippered back pocket.

    My Nawal is committed to ethical and sustainable fashion, without intermediaries, to guarantee fair trade where workers' rights are respected. We employ indigenous communities in Guatemala and Mexico whom we know personally. Our products are made using rudimentary techniques and in many cases natural dyes, thus reducing the impact on the environment. Our aim is to promote employment in communities in remote areas, helping them to improve their quality of life and at the same time preserving their textile culture and the use of their traditional techniques.

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