We see the artisans as part of the My Nawal family.

Your happiness, health and well-being matter to us.


When My Nawal began its project in communities in Guatemala, many of the artisans we worked with did not even have a place to sell their textiles and, at best, sold them in local markets at reduced prices. Many of them had the knowledge and skills to make incredible textiles, but lacked the ability to connect with a global audience. 


More and more communities of women and men are becoming part of our family. We started in Guatemala, but now we also work with communities in Mexico. We establish a direct relationship with them, without intermediaries, with the aim of getting to know and adapting to their needs. 


On many occasions, you will find that our products take a long time to be replenished or that there is not a large enough number of units to meet the demand. The reason for this is that there is no industrial production behind it. We respect the communities' time and encourage them to combine work with their family needs.