My Nawal believes in the need to

keeping traditions and cultures alive

of the Mayan communities of Guatemala and Mexico with which we work. Always respecting their customs and their production processes: handmade and slow-fired.

Many of our collections are


Unique products woven according to the inspiration of each artisan. In other cases we recycle old fabrics that are difficult to find, giving them a second life.

This is where the magic of My Nawal lies, bringing unique and unrepeatable Mayan treasures to the world.

we are committed to a

sustainable project

that contributes to human empowerment and sustainable development. We strive for environmentally friendly production, which is why we use materials in our products that minimise their impact.

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The work of all our Guatemalan and Mexican artisans, who, using ancestral techniques, embroider and weave the majority of the textiles. The final touch is provided by expert Spanish hands that give the leather finish of the highest quality.

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